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The House on Monaco (2023) Abandonment, addiction, and depression are thrust into the forefront of three middle-aged childrens' minds as the murky childhood and trauma of their mother is uncovered. 6w.

The Vapours (2021) In 1863, a Victorian Countess invites an old, dear friend for tea in hopes of unraveling a decade old repressed memory that has led to a paralyzing case of P.T.S.D.. "The Vapours" is an antiquated term for a myriad of mental health issues, including what the Victorian's called hysteria, melancholy and P.M.S.. 3f, 1m. ~1 hr.

The Seagull: A New Adaptation (2020) A modern-day retelling of Chekhov's haunting dark comedy. This is a play about how things are. This is a play about a Seagull. A play about a young girl and the boy who loves her more than his own life. This is a play that makes us question ourselves and the world around us. What does it mean to be an artist? Who are we in the world? What destroys us? How and why do we live despite unhappiness? Sometimes painfully understandable, this play will challenge your desires and beliefs and explore art and life through the eyes of ten selfish artists. It makes a mess of love, leaving a path of destruction. 4f, 6m.

The Winters Tale (In Progress) A modern-day retelling of Shakespeare's classic and ambiguous so-called romance. In 1993, a small law firm in San Francisco welcomes a second baby into one of their title families. The stress brings out the worst in some, leading to heartbreak, desolation and death. 25 years later, in Winters, CA, a young law-student fights for the love of her life while battling the justice system. 7m, 7f, 1 trans woman, 1 boy.

Delilah (In Progress) After 25 years, her estranged brother appears on her doorstep, triggering the flashbacks of what lead to the banishment she faced from her religious childhood home. 1f, 1m.

One Sunrise in August (2016) A group of college roommates pull an all-nighter in the weeks before the start of their senior year. 5m, 5f.

real (2018) A same-sex love story which deals with the controversial and sometimes scary topics of Reality, Truth, Love, mental illness, physical disabilities and homophobia through the very real love story of Alethia and Amora. It is told largely through text messages, as that is the primary and arguably limiting form that romantic relationships take in our culture today. 101pgs. 6f, 2m, 2non-binary/genderqueer.

Fourplay (staged 2018) A play written in collaboration with Fiona McGregor, Lauren Bates, Lorna Jinks and Ella-Lucia Ricci. When three of Shakespeare's women commit psuedocide, where do they go? where do they wait for their men to learn the lessons necessary to get their beloved women back? Performed in the Other Place Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon, United Kingdom. 45mins. 5w.

Lavender Rose (staged 2017) A one-man-show telling the story of a lesbian couple’s journey to motherhood in early 1990’s Austin, Texas.

Aaron & Sophie (staged 2016) Aphrodite is given two mortals at a time and, with them, she tells love stories, as a puppeteer would. Aaron and Sophie is an adaptation of the the tragic myth, Pyramus and Thisbe. Aphrodite looses control of her two mortals in the midst of her Brother, Ares's, World War II. It questions whether anyone is truly in charge of their fate, and if we aren't, who is? 2w,2m.


Funeral of a contradiction (staged 2015)  Two adult sisters, at odds with each other and attempting to deal the tragic fact of their mother's dissent into addiction and ultimate death, take a trip to Costco to pick up a meal for their large family. A snide comment in the frozen section launches an all-out battle that has taken years to surface. 10mins. 2w, 1m.

One Last Hit Before It's Over (2014) Two Russian girls discuss the terrible night one of them has just experienced and try to wrestle and deny the fact of their predicament. 10mins. 2girls.

The heart Monitor (2014) A little boy finds himself in unfamiliar, though somehow safe, surroundings and desperately trying to find his life in order to get home. 10 mins. 1 boy, 1 man.

Griffen (staged 2012) A one person show about the coming of age of four generations of women linked by a name. 


Stranger Than: New Fiction, Poetry, Comics, and a Play a compilation of work by many writers, researchers and poets. Edited by Chris Sumption. Blurb, April 12, 2013.

The Tower (in progress) More than a century from now, a young woman named Sally spends her days maintaining the technology and Artificial Intelligence that upholds The Tower's Resident's luxurious lifestyle. By doing so, Sally plays an integral role in maintaining the expansive and insidious lie on which their lives are built.

The Year of the Woman (in progress) 2018 saw the rise of the woman: the continuation of #metoo and increased pressure from the women of the world to be heard and listened to. Meanwhile, an American woman studying Shakespeare in England experiences her own revolution.

Helena (in progress) An 11 year old American girl is sent to live with her father, a man she has never met, in England, having lost her mother before receiving the answer to the question she most wants answered: Why did you name me Helena? As she grows up, she finds her life entangled with the lives Shakespeare created centuries ago, and she struggles to remove the curse.

Clara (in progress) At 15, Clara doesn't understand why her parents ship her to a boarding school. As time goes on, the secrets unravel, and she finds herself face-to-face with something terrifying, something that only asks for her love.


Faylia McGregor and the RSC Barricade (2018) Twenty years after Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord, five young witches studying the great, revolutionary Wizard Shakespeare, take on a resurgence of Neo-Death-Eaters based at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon, United Kingdom.

Raindrops (2015) as a young man reels from a breakup, the man he becomes tries to reassure him with the life ahead of him.

The Porcelain Doll (2015) A little girl makes a friend, and a friend within a doll. A Gothic tale.

52: A Ghost Story (2011) A high school girl's volleyball team finds themselves stuck in their locker room after a late practice. As gory chaos ensues, they unearth the 52-year-old mystery of the girl who was killed there.

Moments of forever (2011) A new fairy tale about a young crown princess must find a husband before taking the throne, according to the law of the land. As a war threatens to tear apart her kingdom, she begins a star-crossed love affair with a drafted man and must make a choice between her beloved Queendom and a life with love.



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