Annika Nori

Website Designer . Theater Artist . Teacher

To create beautiful websites which reflect the human, their being and their brand in order to inspire connection, love and imagination.



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A striking monochrome painting was used as the background in order to exude the feelings of darkness, fear, mental illness and magic, which are some of the primary themes this author's stories are about.

The Writer

A simple design to promote the work of the author.

a courier font was used to hearken back to the typewriter

The Artist

Created to promote the artist and her work, and tell her story.


A simple gallery was used to display the vibrant work of this artist.


The light turquoise gives the site a light, airy feeling, and allows the focus to be the artwork itself.


A contact page is a simple way to receive messages from the public. The contact form settings are easy to set up and automatically end up in your inbox.

The Art and Literary Society

To manage and organize memberships and subscriptions

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A timeline page truly tells a story, and is one of my favorite and the most artistic things to do as a website designer. If there is a story to tell, it will be told creatively.  Please have fun exploring this brief history...

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This website is bilingual. The artist lives in France, but is American. To accommodate all customers and art appreciators, The words appear both in French and Enlgish

The Gallery Artist

A place for her to share and sell her artwork

This website is still in progress. Thank you for your patience.

The Master Teacher

Easily manage monthly subscriptions and global mentoring

This website is still in progress. Thank you for your patience.

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Creating a beautiful resume page which truly reflects the human it represents is an immensely fun challenge.


About Me and My Work

My Artistic Process

Our Process Together

My childhood was spent at a Waldorf School, and my experiences there inspired in me a love of almost every artistic medium. But I had to discover graphic design by myself. As soon as I discovered the early 2000s desktop in my house, I set about figuring out its secrets. I taught myself how to use The Print Shop, an old software that I haven't even seen in at least a decade. In my final year at Cornish College of the Arts as I completed my B.F.A. in Theater and Original Works, I took a class called "The Business of Theater" in which one of our assignments was to create a website using one of the online website building platforms. I chose because it was simple and I was able to manipulate every aspect of the layout and design of the site I created. It began with my Acting Portfolio website, and I loved the experience so much that I just had to keep creating. The first few websites I created were for my own personal use, to promote myself and my work. A few years ago, my mom asked me to help her create a website for her business, NoriDesigns. The website has gone through multiple incarnations but has now settled as an online store and gallery where she sells timely face masks which she makes herself. She spread the word, and I started to pick up a few more jobs which proved both challenging and immensely enjoyable.







Building a website, for me, is a bit like a detailed character study of the person for which the site is being made. I think about what I know about the person, and what I find from an initial conversation, and begin with a feeling. A feeling of the person that I experience in conversation or interaction. What kind of person is this? Introvert or extrovert? Slytherin or Gryffendor? introspective or demonstrative in their demeanor? Are they best represented through light airiness, or grounded darkness? What colors do they like to look at? What aesthetics do they find pleasing? If they are interested in promoting a brand or business I still begin with a feeling. What kind of business is it? Is this website for an alter-ego or pennamed individual? I consider holistically what the function of every website will be. I consider the construction and product as an extension of the human or business itself. The website will likely be the first thing that anyone in search of this human or their services will discover, and so I believe it must represent them or their brand in a specific, holistic and communicative way. The idea is that if the searcher were to meet the human, they would feel that they already know them.






At this point, I exclusively use to design the websites I create. Wix is a surprisingly simple platform on which to build your business or personal website. As I create the website itself, you will make an account on, to which I will transfer the website, which will be in-process. You can become familiar with the platform, your website's customized Dashboard, with me alongside you, answering questions while I complete the beginnings of your online presence. When you are comfortable with the platform, I will transfer ownership of the website to you. After that, you will have full control. I will still be able to contribute and manage most things as an Administrator. Wix can be a free platform to use, and you may fully publish without purchasing a Premium Plan, however, I highly recommend it. As a Premium member myself, I can assure the usefulness and value of it. You may also want to purchase a domain name. My go-to domain name provider is, however, most of Wix's Premium Plans can include a domain name. When the website is complete, it will be published, and then all you will have to do is maintain and manage it. It is a simple process, despite the multitude of steps. I am looking forward to guiding you through it while creating a beautiful, holistic and personalized website for you.



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