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Adaptation & Production*

A Brief Overview

Have you ever wanted to write, produce and/or perform in a play? This summer "camp", for lack of a better term, will give you the experience of devising a piece of theater from initial development to final performance. Adaptation is a particular joy of mine. Deconstructing a beloved story to find the essence of its enchantment in order to reconstruct the puzzle pieces into an original, relevant and personal take on what existed before, is one of my favorite things to do. Through the development and production of an original play, I hope to guide all of you in the excitement and joy one feels in having the honor of creating something from a seed of story, into a living, breathing original work based on our collective vision.

*This project is in the planning phase, and will only be possible if people are interested in joining me on this challenging, yet incredibly fun adventure. If you are interested, please let me know so that I can gauge the realistic possibilities of the project.


An In-Depth Look

This project is based heavily on teamwork and collaboration, as is the nature of devising theater and adapting collaboratively.


On day one, we will discuss the structure and steps of a production and as a group we will decide on how to approach the project. We will assign roles, depending on interest. Those roles will include: writing, directing, stage managing, design (sets/tech/costumes). There may be a team of writers, or a team of designers, if multiple people are interested in the same role. No matter what role you will play in the production, you will also be able to act in the final performance. We will also choose the story we will adapt and, if there's time, we'll start the analysis and deconstruction.


The first two weeks will primarily be developing, devising and writing, which will involve everyone on the production, either for designing necessity, acting, directing, or writing. We will develop scenes in a variety of ways, including improve, character construction, dialogue, text analysis and imagination. Everyone will be involved in this process, because this will be your play. No other play will be like it.

When we have completed a script, we will begin regular rehearsals and take on our roles more fully as directors, stage managers and designers. Rehearsals will begin with a full read through, and then we'll get on our feet and start blocking, or the director(s) will begin physically structuring the movement of the actors in every scene. This will include and be followed by in-depth character work, memorization, costume fittings, and set designing.

The final week, we will begin tech rehearsals, which means we will begin rehearsing fully in costume, on set and, depending on the venue, with lights and sound. 

Our final, culminating performance, on the final Friday of the sixth week, will be attended by family and friends!


6 Weeks

Summer 2023, 5 days/week, dates TBD, based on interest

Final Performance at the end

 in-person, SF Bay Area, location TBD

16 and up

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