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Annika Nori

Theater Artist . Writer . Website Designer

To create beautiful websites which reflect the human, their being and their brand in order to inspire connection and imagination.



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The digital document of the First Folio, the centerpiece of the website, was organized with a gallery, and the notes appear when the pages are hovered over. This feature works best on a device with a touchpad.

The search bar is located where the brain would be were the skull full.

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The Online Database

The Hollow Skull is a collection of resources for historians, primarily a digital document of an abridged version of Shakespeare's First Folio. The digital document includes notes from a Shakespeare scholar.

Because parchment paper was used in the Early Modern Era by writers like Shakespeare, I used a piece of parchment paper for the background of every page except the First Folio.

The font "IM Fell English" was used because it mirrors the font used by printing presses used in the 1620s, when the First Folio was published. On the page of the First Folio, the spelling and size of the font has been organized in a way that title pages and posters were structured.

The Band

A site which promotes The Taproots.

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Most pages have unique backgrounds depicting album covers, paintings, and photos of the band members.

It includes album samples, music videos, a gallery, tour dates and documents the lyrics to select songs.

The Artist

Created to promote the artist, her  work , and  her story.

The light turquoise gives the site a light, airy feeling, and allows the focus to be the artwork itself.


A simple gallery was used to display the vibrant work of this artist.


The Art and Literary Society

To manage and organize memberships and subscriptions

A timeline page truly tells a story, and is one of my favorite and the most artistic things to do as a website designer. If there is a story to tell, it will be told creatively.  Please have fun exploring this brief history...

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A contact page is a simple way to receive messages from the public. The contact form settings are easy to set up and the messages automatically end up in your inbox.

About my work

About Me and Our Work

I have been an artist for my entire life, and have told stories since I could draw. Stories come in many forms: novels, books, movies, and theater, to name a few. We can also find stories in more surprising places like graffiti, flyers, and even in Mixed Martial Arts, Formula One, and computer games… and, of course, there's your story. It's only a matter of figuring out how to tell it. Through our work together, we will design a website and online platform that represents you and the work you do everyday. 


Together, we will discuss your goals and purpose for the website, and then I will ask about what makes you, you. We will work together to tell your story, and I will give you the tools you need to continue to tell your story yourself.


If you are interested in working together to tell your story, please contact me.

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