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A Class with Annika (uh-nee-kuh)
pronouns: she/her

Discover a love of the form and freedom of language, the power of theater, and the art and craft of constructing stories. We will draw from the plays, literature, and histories upon which we build our lives. While kindling a passion for and accessibility to play-writing, we will develop a love of storytelling in all its forms.

About Annika

I am an internationally-produced playwright, director, actor, Shakespeare scholar, and life-long Waldorf student and teacher.


I strive to tell provocative stories by exploring ideas and narratives that encourage people to confront and question their fears and beliefs in order to inspire discovery and love in the face of hate.

All classes are offered for people ages 16 to adult.

Beginning Playwriting

  • Complete a 10-minute play

  • Learn story structure, character development, and how to write dialogue

  • In-depth discussions about the craft of storytelling

  • opportunities for one-on-one mentoring

10 Weeks


2hr/session, Tuesday evenings


16 and up

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Adaptation & Production

  • Adaptation is the process of change by which a story is re-written to become relevant for the times

  • Devise and produce an adaptation in collaboration with the entire class

  • Learn how to explore and analyze words and themes

  • Learn how to construct a plot, and story structure

  • Learn how to develop a character

  • Opportunities to write; direct; perform; stage manage; and design: costumes, set, lights; depending on your interests and preferences

  • A rehearsal process

  • The continual editing of a new play in development

  • Tech rehearsals and final performance of the new play


6 Weeks

Summer 2023, 5 days/week, dates TBD, based on interest

Final Performance at the end

 in-person, SF Bay Area, location TBD

16 and up

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For more information or if you have questions, please Contact Me.

*Expressing interest will give me an idea of how many people may want to take the class, and will provide you with more information about the class.


"Annika kindly agreed to mentor me through writing a one-act play for a school project. As someone who had known next to nothing about play writing, I was so lucky to have gotten into contact with Annika. Instead of feeling like I had this giant overwhelming project, I would never achieve she broke it down into small projects, making everything much less intimidating and more fun. She had me analyzing my classmates, creating maps of scenes, and coming up with endless character lists. She supported me in a way where I felt all my opinions and ideas were valid and full of potential. It felt as though Annika was just as invested in the project as I was."

~ Maya, Student

"Annika established a mood and space of respectful attention and listening, the kind of atmosphere in which creativity can emerge, take risks and blossom. She accomplished this by immediately addressing the inappropriate snickers. Throughout the session Annika showed her expertise and confidence through her focus on bringing out each student and managing the whole class. She gave her instructions with clarity and a particular sensitivity to the individual’s style. She pulled out meaning and demanded they stand up straight and speak out. Everyone could tell the difference in the before and after speech."

~ Anna Rainville, Master Teacher

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